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Dr. James Hovey
Your Roswell Chiropractor

"I don't say it often enough - Dr. Hovey is absolutely the best.  Not only a great chiropractor, mentor, nutritionist, humorist, movtivationalist (not sure that is a word), but a great friend.  And to top it all off, has a great staff."  Rick Bessom

WELLNESS AND FAMILY CARE - "I attribute much of the wellness I enjoy to chiropractic..."

"I have had neck, back, knee, ankle and shoulder pain.  And my family has had challenges as well.  I have learned that ambulatory difficulty affects all aspects of daily life.  After an accident I had EMC including a visit with an orthopedic surgeon.  I chose chiropractic instead of surgery.  Dr. Hovey came highly recommended.  Also we played rugby for the same RFC. 

I have had extremely positive results from chiropractic care at Dr. Hovey's clinic.  And in my case, improvement was immediate.  He has also helped keep my family healthy, including perfect attendance for 4 years for my daughter and 2 years for my son.  I have been remarkably healthy for a long time.  I attribute much of the wellness I enjoy to chiropractic.  I've been under chiropractic care for 27 years.  From a Gonstead chiropractor in Rochester through today, chiropractic care has been an integral part of my personal wellness plan.  I would be happy to recommend chiropractic and the Hovey clinic to others!  Michael Brown

MIGRAINES FOR YEARS - "I strongly believe everyone should try chiropractic..."

"I suffered with migranes for 2-3 years.  I went to a neurologist for diagnosis and they immediately wanted to prescribe 2 medications for me to take the rest of my life!".  I tried Advil everyday, consuming 3-9 pills.  I have had a very positive experience with the clinic and Dr. Hovey and after approximately 6 months I no longer depended on Advil daily.  I strongly believe everyone should try chiropractic prior to resorting to medications and the side effects associated with them."  Judy Linderman

CHRONIC BACK PAIN, HEADACHES, FATIGUE, IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT, AND INTERMITTENT HAND NUMBNESS- "The results of my care have brought about a tremendously improved quality of life.  I no longer suffer from severe back pain and my irregular heart beat is a thing of the past..."

"For as long as I can remember, I have had chronic back pain, headaches, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, and intermittent hand numbness which contributed to a less than satisfactory personal and work life.  My posture was also changing with my head bending forward - well on my way to looking like a crane!  I have had these issues for many years, but mostly starting in my 40's.  All my life I have had headaches.  I have medicated with over the counter pain killers and achieving on temporary relief.

My experience at this clinic has been a journey of learning about the human body and it's ability to heal; about nutrition and it's direct relationship to healing; about the mind and it's powers to heal the body and spirit; about chiropractic and it's ability to bring relief, correction and healing.

The results of my care have brought about a tremendously improved quality of life.  I no longer suffer from severe back pain and my irregular heart beat is a thing of the past.  With regular chiropractic visits and exercise, I am able to enjoy this wonderful "new me".  I have so much more energy than before.  My posture is near perfect.  Dr. Hovey and his staff are all highly knowledgeable, courteous, respectful, caring and dedicated to the health of their patients.  Dr. Hovey has had a huge impact on my life by relieving of almost constant pain.  He treats all of his patients in the context of their lives and is deeply interested in their well being.  I have never been to any medical facility before where I have felt so "cared for".  Nancy Kshyna

ACID REFLUX - "The result I experienced was that my reflux slowly went away after about 3 months..."

"I had daily acid indigestion with gases coming up into my throat.  At times when lying down a small amount of acidic liquid would come up into my throat.  I was plagued with this problem for about a year.  I tried taking antacid tablets and liquids such as Tums and Pepto Bismol.  They worked for the moment but I kept having to take them.  I also tried taking 24 hour antacids.  I could tell that they cut down the production of acids in my stomach but my digestion didn't feel the same.  I did not want to keep taking those.

My experience has been a very good one.  After I told Dr. Hovey about the reflux, he made adjustments to the area that controlled those nerves.  Dr. Hovey made those adjustments every two weeks.  These adjustments were very effective.  My reflux slowly went away after about three months.  I would experience reduced symptoms now and then but nothing on a daily basis.  I was surprised at the effectiveness of the treatment.  I don't take the antacid medicines.  I no longer have the stomach gases coming up into my throat or the acidic liquid coming up.

I highly recommend this clinic because of the quality of care and the results I have experienced.  I continue to get adjustments every two weeks to maintain my health."  Brian Rickmond

DERMATITIS & HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - "Dr. Smith is a fantastic chiropractor..."

"I came to this clinic with specific dermatitis on my left forearm and had high blood pressure.  My dermatitis has caused intense intching that cannot be relieved by over the counter medications or other means.  My blood pressure resulted in trying 5 different medications with poor results and terrible side effects.  I have suffered with the dermatitis since 1995 and high blood pressure since 2006.

What I tried in the past were 3 previous chiropractors, holistic doctors, low salt/fat diets.  None worked.  My experience here at at the Hovey Clinic has been awesome!  I actually came to only address my itchy arm.  This started years ago when I injured my neck.  Dr. Smith showed me my X-rays and how my neck had lost it's healthy curviture and the narrowing of my spine.  My posture was very poor.  And I had to stop my blood pressure medications due to side effects which included shortness of breath, etc.

My results at the clinic are normalized blood pressure - miraculously my blood pressure went from 140/95 to 128/79!  And I stopped itching within only 2 weeks of treatment. The interventions work due to a comprehensive system.  Dr. Smith is a fantastic chiropractor and Dr. Hovey is renowned in the field."  Jeff Atkinson

DIGESTIVE ISSUES - "For years I struggled with digestive issues...Not all subluxations cause pain and you may even be pain free right now.  But those subluxations can still cause trouble...a lot of trouble.!  Take it from me; you may be surprised at the type of improvements you see from chiropractic care..."

A little over a year ago, I injured my back attempting to play golf.  After watching me hobble around the office, a coworker recommended I visit his chiropractor, Dr. Hovey.  Wanting relief from the pain, I booked my first appointment.  My first trip to Dr. Hovey's office went smoothly but was a bit surprising.  I was X-rayed, educated on chiropractic care and adjusted for the first time.  My surprise came when Dr. Hovey examined my X-ray.  I was in the office due to an injury and yet Dr. Hovey began asking questions about my digestion...

For years I struggled with digestive issues.  Meal time was a painful ordeal and could leave me sick for hours afterwards.  Often I would opt for hunger over the sickness food could cause.  The result was a continual struggle to maintain a healthy weight, tiredness, skin problems due to poor nutrition, etc.  All of this was unknown to Dr. Hovey at the time.  I had only told him of my golf injury.

Taking one look at my X-ray, Dr. Hovey located subluxations that would cause digestive issues.  Nerves that control my stomach and intestines were being pinched and the result was digestive problems.  These subluxations were unrelated to my injury and were previously unnoticeable to me.  I was highly skeptical upon learning that chiropractic care could help my digestive problems.  However, wanting to be rid of the pain from the injury, I decided to give it a chance anyway.

My first adjustment helped greatly in reducing pain from the golf injury.  Within a week I was pain free.  However, what came afterwords was the truly amazing part...

Within a month of the treatment I was able to eat somewhat regularly and was only getting sick 2-3 times a week.  Week by week my digestive problems diminished.  Now, after a year of treatment, I don't get sick at all!  I'm a healthy weight and haven't felt this good in an extremely long time.  I can even see the changes in my X-rays!  X-rays taken a year after beginning treatment are much straighter than those taken on my first visit.

The adjustments are not the only thing to help either.  Dr. Hovey had recommended exercises and stretches to further my healing.  He has also figured out that my favorite sleeping position is the cause of the subluxations.  He's taught me that my behavior and choices have a much larger impact on my health than I had thought before.  Through lifestyle changes and continued chiropractic care, I feel tremendously better.  None of this would have been accomplished without Dr. Hovey's care.  I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Not all subluxations cause pain and you may even be pain free right now.  But those subluxations can still cause trouble...a lot of trouble!  Take it from me; you may be surprised at the type of improvements you see from chiropractic care."  Jennifer Duchac

SLEEP - "I have not slept like this in 20 years..."

"Amen to sleep.  Since I've been coming to your office, I have been sleeping like a baby.  I have not slept like this in 20 years.  Thanks Jim!"  Alan Stewart

SLEEP - "Great adjustment yesterday Dr. H!  I thought I was sleeping well before this, but last night was sound and recuperative in a way that I have not experienced in months.  Thank you!"  Diane Schuler

SLEEP & HEART PALPITATIONS - "My experience here at the clinic has been absolutely remarkable..."

"Sleeping has been an issue for over a year and heart palpatations for 6 months.  Dr. Hovey identified several key areas that needed proper adjustment.  I tried sleep aides and other medication which did not work.  My experience at the clinic under his care has been absolutely remarkable.  With consistent follow up I have experienced a noticeable difference in overall health and how I feel.  Dr. Hovey has an incredible instinct on what is needed and what works.  He is knowledgable and genuinely cares about my overall health.  My husband has been going to Dr. Hovey for over 20 years as part of his own personal wellness plan."  Teri Frye

SPORTS, ATLANTA FALCONS & PERSONAL WELLNESS- "My experience is that chiropractic is a necessary fitness and performance component for athletes at all levels and in all sports.  Doctor Hovey's unique experience in his own professional and amatuer sprots career affords him a superior appreciation of the care required by the NFL player.  I have and will continue to refer chiropractic cases to Dr. Hovey with the greatest of confidence and I encourage others, whether seasoned athletes or non-athletes, to incorporate chiropractic care into their personal wellness plans."  Ron Medlin, Head Athletic Trainer, Atlanta Falcons

SPORTS, ATLANTA FALCONS - "My performance and longevity in the NFL were greatly enhanced by chiropractic.  Dr. Hovey is tops in his field." Mike Kenn, 18 years in the NFL, 6 time All-Pro.

SPORTS, ATLANTA FALCONS - "Chiropractic care has been an important part of my long, healthy career.  Thank you Dr. Hovey!"  Morten Anderson, Kicker, 19 years in the NFL, 7 time Pro-Bowler.

ASTHMA ATTACKS - "After starting visits to Dr. Hovey I had a remarkable winter without any major sinus infections or asthma attacks..."

"I had a history of chronic sinus and ear infections and allergies which would trigger asthma attacks.  Mainly occuring in the fall, winter and early spring.  I went to an asthma and allergy clinic which put me on strong doses of Ventolin given through a nebulizer and liquid steroids as needed.  The medication made me very hyper and I was close to being uncontrollable while on medication.  After starting visits to Dr. Hovey I had a remarkable winter without any major sinus infections or asthma attacks.  I had only one short treatment on Ventolin in October.

Dramatic changes came about.  I went back to the allergy/asthma doctor for a Spring check up and he could not believe I had gone from a horrible winter last year when I had to be on nebulizer treatments most of the time to nothing this year.  He said, "That just doen't happen."  My doctor would not acknowledge that chiropractic care helped my condition.  He said that there were no clinical studies to prove that it works.  I told him maybe they need to do a study on me."  Chrissy Eitmann

CHILDHOOD ASTHMA AND ALLERGY ATTACKS - "Through your continued chiropractic care and nutritional guidance, we now have a healthy seven year old son..."

"I'd like to take a moment to reflect upon our health record with our son since coming to you for help two years ago.  As you recall, we were quite upset with all the conventional methods of treatment for his asthma and allergies, which did not alleviate or improve his condition.  The following are highlights of his "unwellness" at age five:

  • weekly visits to the pediatrician, usually resulting in yet another antibiotic prescription (was on antibiotics for one "symptom" or another almost non-stop for over a year!)
  • 4 trips to Scottish Rite for head x-rays for recurring sinusitis; also underwent utlrasound for stomach pains and frequent nausea and vomiting.
  • as a result of constant use of antibiotics, was treated by gastroenterologist with multiple enemas and prescription laxatives for more than two years.
  • treated by asthma/allergy specialist for over three years which involved two series of painful skin patch tests; constant use of asthmatic stimulants and repressors, as well as cortisone (with its many side effects); utilized pulmo-aide breathing apparatus three to four times daily.
  • two emergency visits to Scottish Rite for adrenaline shots for severe asthma attacks, followed by cortisone treatment.
  • two emergency visits to Atlanta Allergy Clinic for adrenaline shots for severe asthma attacks, followed by cortisone treatment.

In March 1989, out of desperation, I called your office.  Because of a friend's knowledge of chiropractic treatment and her genuine concern for my son's well-being, I scheduled our first appointment.  Under your care, we began to see immediate improvement in his health.   Within two months, he was off medication! Through your continued chiropractic care and nutritional guidance, we now have a healthy seven year old son.  Thanks to you and your staff, our lives are healthier and happier!"  Nancy Haer

BACK PAIN AND HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE- "Do not pass up an opportunity to really "change your life"!..."

"Two years ago I limped into Dr. Hovey's office in the form of the letter "L".  The pain was awful and it really hurt throughout the day.  In addition,  my blood pressure was off the charts.  This had developed over a period of 3-4 months.  I thought it was some form of athritis and self-medicated with a number of over the counter aids.  They didn't cut it.

Within a few weeks of treatment, I was able to walk erect and deal with the discomfort without meds.  After the first 3 months, I felt "normal", or so I thought.  Following a weekly program, then a bi-weekly treatment regime, I found myself totally without discomfort and surprisingly, with a lower blood pressure reading.  At the end of my first year of treatment, my friends noticed a difference...saying that I looked younger, wow! (and I was 63 at the time).

I have retired as of March 4th and am in the best health ever.  My Internist gave me a big thumbs up last week for my overall health.  Even he saw a difference!  Doc Hovey cares about you!  He encourages you to address all of your health as well as those wellness needs you may not even be aware of.  I am so much better today than I was 24 months ago and it all started the day I walked into his office.  The staff is so supportive and I feel like they are my friends.  Do not pass up an opportunity to really "change your life"! Pat Cronin

LOW BACK PAIN AND LEG PAIN - "It was my last hope before surgery and I am extremely happy that I tried it!"

"My challenge upon arriving at the clinic was low back and leg pain that had been going on for a year.  I had a herniated/bulging disc L4/L5 and spinal stenosis which was causing lower leg and foot pain.  I had trouble walking and standing with the pain.  My only relief came when sitting down. 

I tried physical therapy, pain relievers, epidural injections - and none worked.  My experience here at the clinic has been amazing and the staff is very friendly.  I have no lower back or leg pain.  I can walk, run, exercise with no discomfort.  And I sleep better now.  My quality of life has greatly improved.  The chiropractic treatment worked and I feel great!  It was my last hope before surgery and I am extremely happy that I tried it!"  Shawn Henck

MID TO LOW BACK PAIN - "The results have been absolutely staggering and have revolutionized my entire life..."

"In the early nineties I hurt my back and this has stayed with me until it became nearly ever-present.  The pain was localized in the mid to lower back and I have seen some of the best othropedic physicians.  Each viewed my X-Rays indicating nothing was wrong other than "weak spots along the spine" or that I was "getting older and needed to slow down", prescribing stretching and pain meds. 

I remained active and quite fit but needed something that could help make the pain go away.  I met Dr. Smith through a martial arts class that he was instructing and as we became friends I made the decision to go see him professionally as his patient.  I wanted to investigate if a chiropractic solution might be available to address my ever-present pain.  The results have been absolutely staggering and have revolutionized my entire life.  What I had been feeling for the last 20 years was immediately relieved, and over the course of the last 6 months it has been almost completely eradicated thanks to the ongoing care of Dr. Smith.

As a result, my crusade to become more physically fit has become one of passion instead of one of desperation, and my life has improved dramatically to the point where I am grateful each and every day that my back doesn't hurt anymore and my pain has been relieved.  Thanks Dr. Smith!"  Ryan Vandosol

LOW BACK PAIN AND NUMB FEET - "It has been possible to have my mobility restored without medications..."

"My feet get numb and pain goes up my legs and my low back.  I had been experiencing this painful problem for one year.  I went to several different types of doctors and was given pain medications and also discussed surgery.  In my experience with Dr. Hovey and his team, I found them to be very knowledgeable about what was causing my pain.  I was shown X-rays and treated with effective care.

It has been possible to have my mobility restored without medications and the pain being gone is great.  I look forward to my visits because I learn something about living healthy and happy.  You will be treated well and get more than you expected.  Feeling good is great!"  Ron Rusco

BACK INJURY and SEASONAL SINUS & ALLERGIES - "For the first time in over 30 years I can go outside and enjoy the spring weather without the risk of having horrible allergy symptoms..."

"My original cause for seeing Dr. Hovey was a back injury sustained in a car crash/rollover, but I have also had seasonal sinus and allergy problems for the last 30+ years.  I have tried numerous medications for my allergies.  Some work, some don't, some I build up a tolerance to and then have problems again.  My allergies have changed over the years.

My experience at the clinic has been with a staff that is very professional and courteous.  I have never been kept waiting (a HUGE pet peeve of mine) for any more than 5 or 10 minutes beyond my scheduled appointment and these delays are VERY rare.  I even had another back issue where I needed immediate care and Dr. Hovey was able to work me in immediately at 3 different times.

My results are while I still have some chronic back pain, with regular visits to Dr. Hovey, the pain has LESSENED  and is QUITE MANAGEABLE.  The best result is that I am practically off ALL allergy medication!!!  Every once in a while with the spring allergy season I will have to take an over the counter allergy pill.  It may be a few times a week.  I used to pop them like candy prior to seeing Dr. Hovey.  It is amazing how well chiropractic care has helped severely reduce my allergy symptoms.  I love spring and the warm weather and used to stay inside with the windows closed for most of April and May.  For the first time in over 30 years I can go outside and enjoy the spring weather without the risk of having horrible allergy symptoms. " Joel Feuer

BACK INJURY RESULTING IN MISALIGNED PELVIS, HEADACHES & SLEEPLESSNESS - "After starting with the clinic I have been feeling so much better..."

Due to an automobile accident in 2007, my hip was misaligned which resulted in my legs appearing to now be at different lengths.  This also caused my back to hurt.  This pain was not only physical but resulted in headaches and also sleeping problems (I would awake throughout the night after having problems falling asleep to begin with).  These problems have been on going since 2007.  I had tried a few different options but still had the pain and associated problems.  I tried physical therapy to help with the hip and the leg difference; I also have tried a therapy technique that was supposed to help me with my leg which was also painful.  I also tried pain killers to alleviate the pain in the back and hip but that only gave me short term relief - the pain always returned.

My experience and time at Hovey clinic has been outstanding.  Not only are they nice and respectful, they listen to what the problem is each time I visit.  They explain everything in great detail and in a way that I understand which is always nice.  And after starting at the clinic I have been feeling so much better with very limited pain.  My legs also are in the right position where I don't notice the difference in the length at all.  This also helps me with the back pain which has lessened tremendously.

This clinic is very nice and it's comfortable.  The doctors are extremely nice and respectful.  The doctors also consider my thoughts and truly listen to what I am saying is hurting.  They also do as they say they are going to do to the best of their ability.  This clinic is very nice and I highly recommend it.  Previsha Parag


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