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Atlanta Falcons

Dr. Hovey served as official Team Chiropractor of the Atlanta Falcons, caring for players and coaches during games and practices, for 16 years.   Now, he helps athletes, both young and not-so-young. to enhance performance and recover faster from injuries.     

Ron Medlin, Head Athletic Trainer to the Atlanta Falcons, shares his experience with Dr. Hovey and his recommendations for Chiropractic.  "My experience is that chiropractic is a necessary fitness and performance component for atheletes at all levels and in all sports...Dr. Hovey's unique experience in his own professional and amatuer sports career affords him a superior appreciation of the care required by the NFL player. I have and will continue to refer chiropractic cases to Dr. Hovey with the greatest of confidence and I encourage others, whether seasoned athletes or non-athletes, to incorporate chiropractic care into their personal wellness plans."

Mike Kenn, 18 years in the NFL.  6 Time All-Pro.  "My performance and longevity in the NFL were greatly enhanced by Chiropractic.  Dr. Hovey is tops in his field."

Morten Anderson, Kicker, 19 years in the NFL.  7-Time Pro-Bowler.  "Chiropractic care has been an important part of my long, healthy career.  Thank you Dr. Hovey!"

 Dr. Hovey uses his knowledge of the spine, the nervous system, and the articulation of extremities to perform specific adjustments that compliment and support each athlete's training goals.

Atlanta Falcon place kicker Morton Anderson is a regular chiropractic patient!

Dr. Hovey and Maurice Smith

Dr. Hovey adjusting Atlanta Falcon defensive tackle Travis Hall prior to a recent game

Dr. Hovey preparing to adjust running back Maurice Smith


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